June 22, 2024

BFD 8 Bit Kit Review

In this video we go through EVERY SINGLE drum sample included in the FXpansion BFD 8 Bit Kit!

In the video I use BFD3, but the 8BitKit is compatible with BFD2 and BFD Eco as well. If you want to see the Install and Authorization process of the 8BitKit, watch this video:

Included with the 8BitKit are the drums, some presets, some kits, and some grooves. There are tons of samples included in the 8BitKit, and we will hear every single one, here’s the break down –

KICKS – 1:08

SNARES – 3:37

HI-HATS – 8:22

TOMS – 10:13

CYMBALS – 13:18


After hearing every sample, I demo what some of the drums can sound like in a kit playing some grooves

KITS and GROOVES – 19:14

I only show 3 possible kits for the 8BitKit, to hear more Kits/Grooves of the 8BitKit, check out the BFD 8 Bit Kit webpage

Don’t think of the 8BitKit as old time 8 bit audio! The name comes from the sound engineer who recorded this expansion, his studio is called 8 Bit Audio. These samples are high quality and recorded in 24bit/44.1k

The BFD 8BitKit is the most unique expansion pack for BFD. The drums were recorded using unorthodox methods and some strange microphones. It includes samples like a kick drum with chains on the head, broken and aged cymbals, some African percussion, vintage analog drum machines, cooking pot lids, and so much more! It even includes some Roto-Toms, which sound absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic!

The 8 Bit Kit has tons of uses, from using the samples to layer on to “normal” sounding kits, or creating some cool, almost post modern orchestral percussion sounding kits; to electronic sounding kits, or even use it’s pieces for a “normal” sounding drum kit. The only limit is your imagination. Check it out, I really dig it!

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