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The Aston Stealth is a next generation, revolutionary new dynamic microphone.

It has 4 different voice settings that you access with a quick twist. ‘V1‘ for male vocals, ‘V2‘ for female vocals, ‘G‘ for guitar (acoustic and amped), and ‘D‘ (dark) for that classic ribbon mic sound.

If you think of V1 as the main profile, then you can think of V2 as a bass roll-off and presence boost, G as a further bass roll-off, and D as a low-end boost and presence dip.

Of course, don’t get stuck on what these modes were created for. Use what sounds best for your source and goal. ‘V2‘ for example can sound awesome for a male podcast sound once compression and EQ is applied. ‘V1‘ obviously works for that as well, but check out the other modes.

Aston Stealth 4 Switchable Voices

Aston Stealth Specs

Aston Stealth switch MODES
Aston stealth Frequency response
Aston stealth SPECS
Aston Stealth Weight and measure


The Aston Stealth includes a built-in Class A mic pre-amp! And this pre-amp boosts your signal by 40-50Db!

If you are familiar with other large format dynamic microphones, then you know they usually take A LOT of gain to get a good level. The Shure SM7B and Rode Procaster for example need a minimum of 50-60Db for most applications. Many people (including me) use a Cloudlifter to boost the gain with these mics.

The Aston Stealth is no different, except, it has the pre-amp built-in! To activate the pre-amp just turn on Phantom Power, simple. There is also a purple LED that will illuminate when the mic is in its active state. You can switch this light off if needed. When used in the active state, this mic can sound almost “condenser like“, the top end opens up and there’s a nice depth to the sound.

Aston Stealth w/Phantom Power

You can of course use this mic in its passive state to record loud sources, and/or use it with your favorite pre-amp.

In this video we will test EVERY voice, both raw and processed, and in its passive and active states. We’ll also test this mic with a Cloudlifter.

The Aston Stealth also has a new kind of mounting system. The mount inserts inside the mic and you are free to adjust the mic as needed. To remove the mic, just pull it off the mount

Other Key Features of the Stealth

  • The capsule is suspended in mid-air and is mass-loaded. Both of these things give a more accurate response to the moving coil.
  • A wide frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, which is not something you see on a lot of dynamic microphones.

This microphone is a true work-horse. From its Passive and Active states, to its 4 different voices, there’s not much this mic can’t excel at. Whether you are podcasting, recording a singer, recording an instrument, or on stage, this mic can do it all – and do it very well.


1 Aston Stealth pull board out
2 Aston Stealth Board side 1
3 Aston Stealth Board side 2 filters
4 Aston Stealth gear
5 Aston Stealth supports
6 Aston Stealth inside with capsule
7 Aston Stealth pull out capsule
8 Aston Stealth mic capsule
9 Aston Stealth Shure Sm58 Shure SM7B
10 Aston Stealth mount ball
11 Aston Stealth Mount Balls 3
12 Aston Stealth Mass Load
13 Aston Stealth inside empty housing
14 Aston Stealth together


The ASTON STEALTH is a revolutionary new microphone.

It gives the legends a real run for the money. This is the next mic you should add to your mic locker!

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