April 13, 2024

Add Storage to your Audio Rack

Your standard 19″ audio rack can be used for more than just audio gear like compressors, pre-amps, and/or audio interfaces.

You can easily install a Server Drawer into your 19″ audio rack so you can keep the audio gear you need close, when it’s time to record.

You can store cables, microphones, guitar picks, and other audio gear that will fit within the 2U sized rack, although they do make 3U and 4U Server Drawers as well.

I use the QiaoYoubang (yeah I know… funny name, but great quality) 2U Rack Mount Drawer.

It’s made of steel, the slider arms are very sturdy, and quiet, and it has a lock to keep your gear safe.

The drawer also has 3 cable pass-throughs, so you could charge your phone while it’s in the drawer, or leave microphones plugged in to pre-amps so they are ready to be used. (Of course you should turn the pre-amp off though)

Adding storage to your audio rack is a great addition to your studio, and can make your rack more functional.


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