June 22, 2024

Why PreSonus Studio One 6 is SO FAST to Edit With

PreSonus Studio One is my favorite DAW to edit in – because it is simply the FASTEST DAW around.

The included tool-set gives you everything you need to edit with just your mouse, and no complicated keyboard shortcuts!

These three things may seem simple, and they are, but no other DAW has the ability edit as fast as Studio One.

The top 3 reasons Studio One 6 is so fast are

  • Elastic Timeline Zoom
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • Multi-Tool Split & Edit

Again, I understand these are very simple thing, but until you actually have them, you don’t realize how much you need them.

Each of these features blends into the next, creating the fasted editing workflow possible, again, with NO keyboard shortcuts!

When you edit in Studio One for awhile and then try to go back to other DAWs, like Pro Tools, that rely on traditional keyboard shortcuts, you realize how slow and clunky that workflow is.

Simply using your mouse to zoom in right where you want, add a cut, trim the clip, add a fade, and horizontal scroll to the next clip, all WITHOUT using a single keyboard key is such a fluid way to work that I cringe when I have to use other DAWs that are stuck in the past with multi-key keyboard shortcuts for such simple things.

The best way to see why Studio One 6 is so fast, is to show it in a video –


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