July 24, 2024

Get THESE Audio Rack Screws!

Myth: “All audio rack screws are the same”…WRONG! Audio Rack screws can be very different! So whether you want to mount an audio interface, compressor, pre-amp, eq, or other audio gear in your rack, this article and video will tell you the BEST type to purchase 👍

First, we have to establish the size of screw used in a standard 19″ audio rack, and that is:

  • 10/32 x 0.75

That is the size of screw used in all standard audio racks.

Next, we have to consider the physical characteristic of the screw, because they can be very different.

In the picture above, you can see one screw with a flat end, and one screw with a tapered end. The tapered end is called a “self-guiding pilot point” and that what you want!

The pilot point will guide the screw into the audio rack, making it easy to thread the screw properly, and help to not drop the screw vs. using flat end screws. This may seem like a “simple” thing, but trust me, it makes a HUGE difference when assembling audio racks by yourself.

You also want a screw that comes with pre-attached nylon washers to prevent the dreaded RACK RASH!

That’s when a standard metal screw damages the mounting holes of your expensive audio gear by marring it or chipping the paint.

Both ECHOGEAR and Middle Atlantic screws come with nylon washers pre-attached.

My previous favorite screws were the Raxxess screws, but those are hard to find these days since the brand was phased out around 2019.

What I use now are ECHOGEAR rack screws that include a pilot point and pre-attached nylon washer.

Another option are the Middle Atlantic rack screws.

Fun fact: Legrand AV manufactures both ECHOGEAR and Middle Atlantic, and they use to manufacture Raxxess 👍

So if you are looking for the best rack screws for your 19″ audio rack, those are the two I recommend.


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ECHOGEAR Rack Screws – Amazon

Middle Atlantic Rack Screws – Sweetwater

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