May 20, 2024

Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D – Review & Demo

Waves Manny Marroquin Triple D

MM Triple D was made with vocals in mind. If your singer sounds boxy, harsh, or there is sibilance, you can take care of all of that with this single plugin.

But you can use Triple D on other sources as well. Try it on dialogue tracks, guitars (especially high gain), cymbals, piano, and any other source where you want to remove a low mid ‘boxy’ sound, a high mid harsh sound, or a top end ‘sssshhh’ sound.

And this plugin is more than just an EQ. It’s actually more of a 3 band compressor/limiter that dynamically reduces these areas only when they are too loud. This will assure that you don’t destroy your track just to remove some annoying frequencies.

Check it out here

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