January 30, 2023

Waves MAGMA BB TUBES Saturation Plugin – Review


Waves BB Tubes is an analog modeled tube saturation plugin. It was modeled from hardware using Waves True Valve Technology for the most accurate reproduction of audio.

Use Waves BB Tubes to make your mix bang! Saturation, harmonic distortion, can take your tracks or even a full mix to new levels.

Make your mix sound HUGE, add character to tracks, pull tracks out of a mix, add a little flavor, or go all the way to lo-fi distortion.

You can even use saturation in place of (or in tandem with) compression, and even EQ.

Raw Audio

With Saturation

Saturation adds a pleasant sounding soft-clipping effect that gives your tracks a live feel, more volume, clarity, and fire 🔥

BB Tubes is also easy to use. Add Even harmonics with Beauty, add Odd harmonics with Beast, and increase the Sensitivity to drive the tubes harder.

Use Bass Relief to clean up the low end, and the Tone to boost or cut the top end.

BB Tubes sounds great on any source, whether you’re just adding a little spice to a piano, or adding some flames to a vocal, or making a mix bloom and come alive – BB Tubes can do it.


So head over to Waves, and pick up Waves BB Tubes from the new MAGMA SERIES, today.

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