July 24, 2024

Waves CLARITY Vx – Clean Vocals/Stop the Noise!


Waves CLARITY Vx is specifically made for removing noise from voice tracks. It’s a must have for podcasting, streaming, broadcast, reporters, YouTubers, and in the studio for noisy singing tracks.

CLARITY Vx uses neural networks that have been trained to protect the voice, and remove background noise. And it does all of this without creating nasty artifacts or blurring the vocal. And it does it all with one knob!

What kind of background noise can it remove? Pretty much anything!

Easily remove noisy pre-amp noise, computer noise, air conditioner noise, traffic noise, outside ambience, and a lot more.

It can even remove background voices! Which comes in handy if you have to record in a noisy apartment, or you are recording an interview on the street with people talking all around you. It can even remove the sound of a TV left on in the background, and leave you with a crisp and clear voice track.

CLARITY Vx is ONLY for voice/vocals. If you need to de-noise instruments or music, there are other tools for that.

This plugin is worth getting if you do any work with voice. Be it making YouTube videos, recording voice-overs, working with singers, podcasting, TV/Film work, audio restoration, and anything else to do with the human voice.

There’s also a PRO version available which adds the ability to dial in the amount processing per band (reduce only), solo bands, hear what it’s removing, and even do the opposite, meaning, remove the vocal and keep the ambience. These features are not needed for most people, and you will pay dearly for them if you want them ($799 MSRP!)

The standard version has the same processing and neural networks as the Pro version, for a much lower price ($29.99 at the time of this post)

CLARITY Vx does a great job of removing noise, without damaging the voice.

Hear it in action in the video below. We’ll also take a quick look at Clarity Vx Pro.




Waves CLARITY Vx Pro

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