January 30, 2023

Vir2 APOLLO 2: CINEMATIC GUITARS – The New King of Cinematic Guitar Scoring

APOLLO 2: Cinematic Guitars

Vir2 Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is an inspiring and epic guitar library for Kontakt. It features a wide range of guitar sounds; everything from plucks, to pads, to noises, and more.

Apollo 2 Cinematic Guitars contains 36GB of premium guitar samples (about 21GB on disk), and includes over 220 presets to get you scoring or recording fast.

If you work with sound for movies, TV, or video games, this is a library you will want to get immediately. But this library can do much more than effortlessly create cinematic soundbeds for blockbuster movies and trailers!

Apollo 2 will fit right in with any genera of music, and it gives you tons of unique sounds to use in everything from pop music to raging death metal. Check out the Demo section of the video below to hear Apollo 2 used in many different styles and scenarios for over 10 minutes straight, with NO TALKING.

Ambient Designer

With the Ambient Designer Instrument you can quickly create evolving ambiences and melodies by playing back the expertly recorded performances and layering them together – all in a single patch.

There is also a Sync button on each of the 5 engines to ensure everything plays-back in time with your DAW.

Instruments .nki

With the Instruments .nki you can play the sounds chromatically (i.e. like a piano) to come up with your own melodies and ambient sequences.

If you hear a sound you like in the Ambient Designer, but want to play it chromatically, open up the AD Companion Instruments and find the same sound laid out across the keyboard, and ready to play.

You’ll also find several controls to get you just the sound you want; including a built-in sequencer (per engine), a full array of FX, a Mixer (AD only), Keyboard layout (Instruments), multiple outputs, LFO, and more.


Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars is a premium instrument that brings a wide array of unique sounds to your toolkit. To check out more samples head over to the Vir2 website.


You can pick up Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars from your favorite musical retailer:

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