June 22, 2024

Use the Zoom H6 as an Audio Interface

How to Use the Zoom H6 as an Audio Interface

This video will show you the basics of using your ZOOM H6 as a 6in/2out audio interface on Windows. We will use Pro Tools as our DAW, but the process is the same for other DAWs (Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, ect…)

Depending on the DAW, the process of choosing the interface will be a bit different, but the other processes are the same.

You can use the ZOOM H6 as a 2in/2out audio interface, or as a Multi-Track 6in/2out audio interface. We will be using it as a Multi-Track audio interface. By using it as a 6in/2out audio interface, you can record up-to 6 tracks through the ZOOM H6 at the same time and into your DAW to separate tracks. If you use the 2in/2out method, it will act more like a mixer and you won’t have control over each input individually in your DAW.

We will go through how to download the driver, choose the ZOOM H6 as our interface, record a microphone with phantom power, record through the attached capsule, and record a guitar.

There are more options that are not covered here, like Direct Monitor, Mixer adjustments, and effects, so try those out for yourself.

The ZOOM H6 is an extremely useful device that can go from being a standalone field recorder, to a full-blown audio interface. It is one of the most useful devices I have ever used.

DRIVERS (for Windows)

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