December 3, 2022

TOTALLY FREE Orchestral Virtual Instrument Plugin – Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover


Get a totally FREE orchestra virtual instrument from Spitfire Audio.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra – Discover, is perfect for intense cinematic scores, and emotional symphonies.

It includes everything you need – violins, cello, horns, bass, percussion, and more.

The interface is simple to use and quick to understand.

Simply choose an instrument, select your articulation, and start playing.

Add more realism with Expression & Dynamic controls, plus dial in reverb for each instrument. 

BBC Symphony Orchestra – Discover is a $49 sample library, but you can get it for FREE by filling out a quick questionnaire.

After 14 days, Spitfire Audio will send you your download link, and the library is yours forever.

Get Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover for FREE here

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