December 3, 2022

Top and Tail Editing with DaVinci Resolve – Edit Faster

DaVinci Resolve – Top and Tail Editing

If you are familiar with Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer, you probably know about or have used Top & Tail editing.

Top & Tail editing is a very fast way to edit clips on your timeline, and of course you can do it in DaVinci Resolve as well.

By default, the keyboard shortcut in Resolve is Ctrl+[ for a top edit, and Ctrl+] for a tail edit. We don’t want this!

We want a SINGLE key to press to perform our edit. If you are familiar with Premiere, you probably have this mapped to ‘Q’ and ‘W’, and that’s exactly how we will set it up in DaVinci Resolve by creating a custom keyboard layout.

The mode you choose will determine if you perform a standard edit or ripple edit

You could also setup your Top & Tail to always ripple edit if you don’t want to switch modes.

The two videos below will walk through all the steps and show how Top and Tail editing works in DaVinci Resolve.

After watching the video above, watch this video to see how to set your keyboard shortcuts to ALWAYS RIPPLE if you don’t want to switch modes.

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