May 20, 2024



denise DRAGON FIRE is not your standard compressor.

It incorporates an EQ style graph for easy and flexible multi-band compression, and also includes a Pull parameter to pull out boosted frequencies from the output.

So this allows you to push certain frequencies into the compressor harder (or softer) so the compressor reacts the way you want, and also dial out the resulting volume boost to those frequencies – all in one plugin.

But, it goes even further than that!

Dragon Fire lets you seamlessly sweep between different types of compression and characteristics.

Use the CURVE slider to sweep between a slower Opto style release curve or faster VCA style release curve.

Use the RMS slider to sweep between Peak or RMS compression.

(RMS compression is based on the average level above the threshold)

The KNEE control adjusts the knee from hard to soft.

Use DRIVE for adaptive saturation of the signal.

The RAND parameter will generate random shapes for the the Push/Pull graph.

There’s also a built-in Clipper (Clip) that can flow into a Gain control, or flip it around and drive the Gain into the Clipper for a more saturated and dirty sound.

Use the MIX control to dial in the perfect amount of dry and compressed signal.

And of course all the basic control for a compressor are included as well – Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and a Hi-pass and Lo-pass.

Checkout the video to see and hear DRAGON FIRE in action.

Dragon Fire is VST, AU, and AAX compatible.

To learn more about Dragon Fire and to pick it up, head over to the website.

Or, get it at Plugin Boutique

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