May 20, 2024

The Shure MV7 vs. Shure SM7B – Which Mic Should You Buy?


The Shure MV7 is like the little brother of the legendary Shure SM7B. It has a similar body structure, and the classic SM7B yoke that makes getting the mic into position very easy.

The MV7 can be used with USB or with XLR. When used with USB, you can access the built-in DSP effects like EQ and compression – making it so you don’t need to use other audio plugins when recording or streaming or having a conference call.

ShurePlus MOTIV App

The ShurePlus MOTIV app is easy to use and straight-forward. You can use the Auto-Setting to let the mic take care of all the technical stuff, and even help to prevent things like clipping. Or, use the Manual mode to dial in just the sound you want.

And you can adjust the microphone from the on-board Touch strip to quickly adjust volume, gain, mute, etc…

When used with XLR, you won’t be able to access the DSP effects, but you can add whatever plugins you want in your DAW or NLE to prefect your sound.

I do wish there were more Audio FX included in the mic, things like a De-esser, and De-Plosive would be a nice addition, but these can generally be avoided by using proper mic technique. Of course if you are live-streaming, you can always add VST audio plugins in OBS if you need to.

New Shure MV7+

There is also the new MV7+ which just came out a couple days ago. It updated the USB connection to USB-C and includes more built-in audio FX, and better Auto-Level operation. So, if you want the MV7, I would spent a few more bucks and get the MV7+

What About the Shure SM7B?

In the video below we’ll test the MV7 versus the Shure SM7B. We’ll test them completely raw, and with plugins (audio fx) in our DAW. So we can finally answer the question: “Which microphone is better? The Shure MV7 or the Shure SM7B


Which Microphone is Better?

Which mic sounds best is a personal question. Some people like one sound, some like the other. Overall, the sound of each mic is somewhat similar, especially when you connect with XLR and use Audio Plugins to shape the sound.

Which microphone you choose will be based on your specific use case. Do you need USB? Do you already have an audio interface? How much do you want to spend? If you need or want USB, then you’ll probably go with the Shure MV7, or preferable the just released Shure MV7+

If you want that classic SM7B sound with a bit more low-end and extra high top end, and you don’t mind needing an audio interface, and you have at least $500 to spend, then go with the SM7B and a Cloudlifter.

Or even better, just get the new Shure SM7dB which has the Cloudlifter built-in 👍

Whether you are gaming, podcasting, streaming, or recording music, either of these mics will work for you. Just get the one that fits your needs. Or, like me, get both 👍



Shure MV7

Shure MV7+

Shure SM7B

Cloudlifter CL-1

Shure SM7dB

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Mic Boom Arm


Shure MV7+ White

Shure MV7+ Black

Shure SM7dB

Shure Gator Deluxe Mic Boom Arm

iZotope Music Production Suite 6 Plugin Bundle

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