April 17, 2024

The New Way of Mixing? iZotope Neutron 2 Visual Mixer

Mixing has been done the same way, more or less, since the beginning of recording. Grab a fader or pan knob to adjust that track, and repeat this process until all tracks sit well together.

But, iZotope isn’t content with relying on “it’s always been done that way”. With Neutron 2, iZotope released a new visual way to mix, aptly called the Visual Mixer.

With the Visual Mixer you never have to touch a fader or pan knob if you don’t want to. Instead, you grab nodes and adjust them visually. You want a track to be louder… drag it up. You want to track panned to the left… drag it to the left. Pretty simple. 

Visual Mixer

While I don’t think the Visual Mixer will completely replace good ‘ole faders and pan knobs in the near future, this way of mixing is worth exploring.

I would challenge you to try an entire mix using only the Visual Mixer and I bet you will find, just as I have, this way of mixing is very powerful and intuitive.

If you don’t have Neutron 2, go grab the free trial from iZotope.

If you are looking to buy Neutron 2, I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing the Music Production Suite it costs more up front, but this package has everything you need to mix and master any kind of music or audio.

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