Studio Trends 24” Sidecar Studio Rack | Assemble & Review

Studio Trends 24” Sidecar Studio Rack Assemble & Review

Unbox, assemble, and review of the Studio Trends 24” Sidecar Studio Rack (STSC24).

This is a great looking rack that fits into the modern studio. It’s a 12 space rack to hold your gear, and it’s on casters (wheels) so it’s easy to move around when needed. The two front wheels will lock as well.

The table top provides another work-space and/or area to set items in your studio. This is a heavy rack! It weighs over 70lbs. fully assembled (and empty), this is NOT some cheap rack that is going to fail in a few months, it’s very well constructed. Not only that, but it looks awesome.

Studio Trends 24″ Sidecar Studio Rack

This is a heavy-duty rack that fits into any modern studio

See more specs here:

This rack is worth the money. It’s modern, securely holds your rack gear, and it’s easy to roll around to another location or to get to the rear of your rack gear.



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