June 22, 2024

Studio One 6 – Clip Gain and Dynamic Clip Gain

There are two types of Clip Gain in Studio One: the normal, standard, static Clip Gain that adjusts the volume across a clip evenly; and Dynamic Clip Gain that changes over time.

Clip Gain

Dynamic Clip Gain

Dynamic Clip Gain is called “Gain Envelope” in Studio One. Just Right-Click a clip and select the ‘Gain Envelope’ box.

With Dynamic Clip Gain, you can manually place your nodes/breakpoints to control the volume of your track, OR you can do it “Pro Tools Style” by making a selection and raising or lowering the level.

You can also use the Paint tool to freely draw in volume changes, or use shapes (Triangle, Square, Sine, etc…)

While Pro Tools is usually thought of as the “king of editing”, Studio One 6 implements Clip Gain better than Pro Tools does. It’s faster, and you don’t have to use tons of modifier keys or keyboard shortcuts. Everything is directly available for you to use quickly and efficiently.

Learn how to use both types of Clip Gain in the video below.


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