June 22, 2024

Over 200 FREE Marshall 4X12 Guitar Cab Impulse Responses

Get 200+ FREE Marshall 4X12 Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

AegeanMusic.com is giving away over 200 Marshall 4X12 1960a guitar cabinet impulse responses.

All of the IRs are .wav files and can be loaded into any IR loader plugin or guitar amp plugin that allows you to load your own IR’s.

What is an impulse response?

A guitar cabinet IR realistically replicates the sound and characteristics of a real guitar cab, often much better than a modeled guitar cab.

Impulse Responses do not make any sound on there own, you will still need your own guitar amp plugin.

These cabs sound great and will make your guitar tone sound much more realistic than most of the cabs that are included with guitar amp plugins. 

Download for free here

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