July 24, 2024

iZOTOPE STUTTER EDIT 2 – What is it, How to use it, Hear it


Creating stutters and glitchy effects can be a VERY time consuming process. Cutting audio, applying plugins, adding in automation, etc… You DON’T have to do that ever again with Stutter Edit 2.

And it’s not just stutters or glitch effects.

You have plenty of other effects to add in as well.

Everything from phaser, chorus, reverb, delay, comb filter, and more.

Plus, you can setup each parameter however you want with curves called Time Variant Modifiers.

You can use Auto mode to hear the effect when you playback in your DAW, or set it up with MIDI so you can trigger the effects as needed.

The interface might look complicated, but this video will go over all you need to know to get started quick.

iZOTOPE Stutter Edit 2 is VST, AU, and AAX.

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