July 24, 2024

How to Keyframe (Animate Clips & Effects) in DaVinci Resolve

An Intro to Keyframes
DaVinci Resolve

In all video editors (NLEs) we use key frames to add movement to video clips, effects, text, etc…

In this video we’ll go over the basics of using Keyframes in DaVinci Resolve.

Once you understand the baiscs of keyframing, there’s no limit to what you can do

If you have ever wanted to zoom into a clip, slide it across the screen, or animate the controls of an effect over time, you will need to know how to keyframe.

The basics of keyframing are simple:

  • Set your playhead where you want the animation to start or end
  • Click your keyframe
  • Move the playhead to where you want the animation to end (or start) and adjust your parameter

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