May 20, 2024

faIRmageddon – Design & Export Custom Guitar Cab Impulse Responses

forward audio

Forward Audio IRmageddon is an advanced impulse response loader & designer for guitar or bass cabinets.

faIRmageddon is packed with features that allow you to shape your guitar cab to exactly the tone you want.

You might be surprised, but the cab you use makes a HUGE difference to your overall tone.

Load up to 4 IRs at once, and blend between them with the XY pad.

If 4 IRs isn’t enough, no problem! Use the CONSOLIDATE feature to blend the 4 IRs together into one file and load more impulse responses.

With Consolidate, you can essentially use as many IRs as you want!

Each slot has controls to modify the sound of each IR, and you can set a custom delay.

IRmageddon will automatically phase align your impulse responses for you, but the delay control will allow you to create phasy sounds, or adjust the auto-align if it happens to be off.

In the WORKBENCH you can quickly compare IRs and even EQ match your sound with another guitar tone, ANY guitar tone.

Just drag in the audio file you want to match, record a quick sample of your Source, and blend in the matched tone.


Use the output controls to add more realism, change cab size, add bite, air, resonance, etc… PLUS

You can even EXPORT your custom IR to a file that can be used in any IR loader (even hardware), or load it directly into your favorite amp plugin if it allows you to load user impulse responses (wav file).


This video will cover everything you want to know about faIRmageddon.


  • WHAT IS IT – 1:32
  • TOP BAR – 2:56
  • IR SLOTS & X/Y PAD – 4:41
  • COMPARE – 14:38
  • EQ MATCH – 17:03
  • CONSOLIDATE – 24:25
  • EXPORT IR – 26:49

With IRmageddon you can create just the tone you want and even export your IR to build up your personal library for quick recall anytime you need it.

Checkout faIRmageddon here

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