May 20, 2024

BFD Japanese TAIKO Percussion

This video demos how each of the drums sound in the BFD Japanese TAIKO Percussion expansion pack for Fxpansion’s BFD2 and BFD3.

The Taiko expansion pack sounds absolutely amazing. There are several articulations per drum, so its easy to get realistic sounding Taiko drums in no time.

In the video, you will hear each drum dry, no effects, nothing in post.

Then you will hear the Taiko drums being used in two mixes using ONLY pieces from the TAIKO pack. The groove/mix samples do not use any post effects. Only included effects in BFD3 are used. Not much was done with effects. Just a little reverb, compression, and a slight bit of EQ to reduce extreme lows, cut some mids/lower mids, and a slight shelf boost around 2k to add shine.

If you are into POWERFUL drums, cinematic drums, high action drums…. then you should consider the BFD Japanese TAIKO Percussion drum expansion pack for BFD2 and BFD3.

The Taiko expansion pack is made by Sonica for FXpansion

Learn more about the Japanese TAIKO Percussion Expansion Pack

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