July 17, 2024

AI Will KILL Recording, the DAW, and Plugins – The Future Of Audio Production

Generative AI, or Artificial Intelligence, will replace the recording of audio for the most part in the next 5-10 years. Instead of recording, you’ll be able to simply enter a text prompt, and a track will be generated for you.

Need a drum track? Generate it!, Need a piano track? Generate it! Need a vocal track? Generate it! Simple. You’ll have full control over style, type, tempo, timing, chord structure, and everything else. Or even generate full songs with a simple text prompt.

The DAW will evolve into what I call the “DAIW“. It will be a “content aware” environment that will have the ability to generate any sound you want within the DAIW. If you generate a drum track with a certain BPM, the DAIW will be aware of the content on the other tracks and it will be able to generate, for example, a guitar track that goes along with the previously generated drum track.

Your DAIW will also mix for you, and master for you. You will not need to adjust volume, panning, eq, compression, etc… All of that will be done for you automatically so your tracks sound “professional”. You will also have the options to customize the mix if you choose to do so.

Plugins as we’ve known them will go away. Plugins (audio effects, VSTS, etc…) will either be rolled into an AI model, or they will be add-ons that you will have to subscribe to in order to unlock the capabilities in your DAIW.

You will be able to use “plugins” by typing or saying exactly what you want to your A.I. assistant. You’ll be able to effect a drum track with an SSL-E desk just by typing it in. You’ll be able to run your vocal track through a unique, impossible to find EQ just by saying its name.

Everything will be subscription based in the future. All DAWs, plugins, and any other software will require a current subscription to use. I’m not saying this is good, I’m saying this is reality.

The biggest advancements in AI and music are still 5-10 years away, so you will still need plugins and your current DAW for several years. But if you want to be in the music business in the future, you better start researching AI music and audio generation now.

In the video below, I’ll show you several Music AI sites and generate some full songs and tracks only using AI.


You’ll also want to check out Google’s DeepMind Lyria AI Model. I wanted to demo it for you in this video, but there are too many rules for using the audio. So check that one out for yourself here: https://deepmind.google/discover/blog/transforming-the-future-of-music-creation/

AI will allow you to “Make Music with Your Mind

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