April 17, 2024

Waves NX vs. Plugin Alliance dearVR MONITOR ?


So you want to mix with headphones, but still want the experience of a room?

Great! There’s plenty of options out there today, but which to choose?

In this post we’ll look at two great options – Waves NX vs. Plugin Alliance dearVR MONITOR.

Checkout our full post on each of these great options (just click those links above)

Why would you want to use a virtual mix room and not just headphones?

Well, headphones completely isolate the audio to LEFT & RIGHT.

But in the real world, you have cross-talk of speakers, reflections of a room, and more directional audio.

Sure, your mix should work on headphones ONLY, but it also needs to work on speakers!

Both of these plugins will give you that virtual space to work in, but they also have different features and options.

Here’s the main differences:


  • Head Tracker
  • Head Modeling
  • Headphone EQ
  • Mute speakers
  • Manually move speakers


  • Way more surround speaker formats
  • Multiple Mix Rooms
  • Check your mix in a car, van, living room, kitchen, and more

So which should you choose?

Well, that’s up to you and the features you need.

Checkout the video below to see and hear both of these plugins in action, and get a full run-through of the differences.


Both of these plugins are VST, AU, and AAX – so they will work in any major DAW.

Get WAVES NX here

Get Plugin Alliance dearVR MONITOR here

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