May 20, 2024

This New AI Music Generator Will Replace Musicians -udio beta


Udio is the latest AI Music Generating platform to join the rush to become the “best” AI music model to generate full songs in a matter of seconds. But is it any good?

YES! The answer is “yes” over and over, “YES!”

Udio is currently in beta, but it’s already capable of creating professional level songs.

For those new to AI music generation, here’s how it works:

You’ll go to a site like Udio or Suno, or many others, and you’ll type in a descriptive prompt. Something like; “A metal song about being betrayed and getting revenge.” You can add other descriptors or tags in there depending on the platform. Maybe you’ll add, “double kick drum”, “aggressive”, “male singer”, etc…

Then all you have to do is hit “Create” and the AI will write lyrics based on your prompt, and it will generate a vocal track, guitar tracks, bass track, drum track, background vocal tracks, and any other tracks that you would find in a metal track (as per our prompt, the same happens for pop, rap, classical, etc..)

The AI mixes the track, and masters the track too!

After 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, you’ll have two complete songs, usually around 30 seconds to 1 minute long. If you like the song, many platforms offer the ability to extend a track by using the generated track as a reference. You can then add in your own lyrics or generate lyrics to add a second Verse, Break, Drop, different Chorus, or whatever you want.

Normally, creating a song from scratch will take a minimum of a couple days if you include mixing and mastering – and that’s only for genius level musicians. If you consider that a 12 track album often takes a year or two to finish, I’m being very generous saying only a couple of days for one track.

But AI can do all of it in about 30 seconds!

Udio may be the best overall platform we have seen so far, although Suno just released Version 3, which also produces professional level tracks.

The implications for music and musicians in the future are still unknown. In the short term, AI promises to be helpful in taking care of repetitive tasks, creating quick song sketches, generating loops and samples, mixing and mastering, and just making things way easier for musicians and audio engineers.

AI also reduced the “Talent Barrier“, “Time Barrier“, and “Sacrifice Barrier” that keeps many people from being able to create their own music.

Is that a good thing? Maybe…maybe not.

But one thing is for sure – AI is not going anywhere. And refusing to learn about AI generated music won’t make it go away. As audio engineers, creators, and musicians, it’s something we are going to have to content with and learn to use in order to compete in the new music economy.

Check out the video below to hear Udio beta in action.


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