June 22, 2024

Steven Slate Drums SSD5 FREE Drum Plugin

FREE PLUGIN ALERT | Steven Slate Drums SSD5 FREE Drum Plugin

SSD5 Free is fully functional. This IS NOT an expiring demo, it’s totally free.

SSD5 Free includes one great sounding drum kit. Watch the videos on the download page if you need to know how to install it.

After install, if you don’t have access to any Kits or Instruments, make sure to set the location of where you installed the library within the SSD5 app.

Then REFRESH the path.

ssd5 settings
ssd5 cycle

SSD5 Free (and the paid version) does NOT work with SSD4 libraries. You can leave both versions installed and use them separately.

If you buy SSD5 and already have SSD4 expansions, you will get SSD5 versions of your current SSD4 expansions that you will need to download and install.

More FAQs here

Get SSD5 FREE here

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