July 17, 2024

UGRITONE KVLT DRUMS | The Definitive Guide

It Might Get Loud KVLT DRUMS | The Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide on how to use KVLT DRUMS from It Might Get Loud.

KVLT DRUMS is designed for that classic black metal sound. It is VST/AU/AAX compatible.

In this video I’ll go over how this drum virtual instrument works, and how to set it up in your DAW. We’ll spend most of the time focused on routing. You’ll see how to route each drum into individual tracks in your DAW and record the drums like you were recording a live kit.

KVLT is a raw drum instrument. You will record the drums into your DAW and apply your own plugins in order to mix.

KVLT DRUMS features the sounds of lo-fi metal & punk

Perfect for BLACK METAL!

Check out KVLT DRUMS here

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