June 22, 2024

Hello World!

Welcome to benonistudio.com

benonistudio is the place to learn about pro audio and pro video for the modern creator. You will find tutorials about Pro Tools, Media Composer, plugins, mixing, and much more. Find reviews on plugins, virtual instruments, hardware etc… before you spend your hard-earned money on them.¬†

Checkout the FREE section for a whole host of awesome free stuff for creators. I’m talking about free plugins, free video editors, free DAWs, free stock footage, and so much more. Unlike other sites, I will NOT post something in the free section just because it’s free – IT HAS TO BE USEFUL!

benonistudio has worked with titans of the audio and video industry. Check the credits in Pro Tools… ? I have been featured on sites like AvidBlogs and FXpansion to name a couple. I have also worked with several companies in order to review their plugins.

benonistudio also provides several creative services. Mixing, mastering, recording, scoring, stock music, video editing, technical support, website design, and more. benonistudio is for the MODERN CREATOR! The ‘Services’ section is currently under construction.¬†

Advertisers: If you would like to advertise on benonistudio, hit-up the Contact page.

Reviews: If you have a plugin that you would like reviewed, go to the Contact page. Just know that all reviews will be honest, and I will not agree to any conditions except the date a review or tutorial can be posted.

You may have heard about benonistudio on YouTube. Currently our YouTube page has 6 million views and about 10,000 subscribers and it’s growing by the day. Advertise on this site to reach millions of new potential customers.

Who is behind benonistudio?

benonistudio is known for metal. The artist behind that is Brian Benoni.

Benoni is known for some of the most extreme metal and art around. He is¬†unapologetically against censorship of any kind for art. Political correctness has no place in art. He is for freedom-of-speech and freedom of expression 100%. Art is everything. Art is the only thing that forces the weak and powerful alike to view themselves inside a mirror and transcend the common, the mundane, the blindness, and the lies. And that is why –


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