July 24, 2024

You Won’t Believe How Good AI is at Writing Rap Diss Tracks

I woke up the other day and though, “I wonder if AI could write some rap diss tracks?” Already having experience with AI generated music, and knowing that most AI music models get censored to not accept celebrity names – I wasn’t sure if the results would be any good, or specific.

There are already AI music models that can create entire songs that are REALLY good, especially when you consider they are created in only 30 seconds or so. I mean…what can YOU do in 30 seconds?

I’m talking lyrics, vocals, music, mixing, and mastering of a song! AI can do all of that before most people can even launch their DAW.

Also having experience with AI images, I knew AI could generate some hilarious things very quickly.

But could I make some funny rap diss tracks about real people?

The answer is YES! I was able to create diss tracks about Taylor Swift, Kanye, Trump, Biden, Kamala, and Joe Rogan – and they all turned out amazing!

The beats are all solid. You could easily hear beats like these in a multi-million dollar release. The lyrics are pretty good, hilarious in some cases, corny in others. The vocals are all pretty good…some sound a bit robotic, like they’ve been run through full strength Auto-Tune (but most music sounds like that anyway 😉)

But you don’t need to take my word for it. Hear for yourself in the video below.


But more important than the silly lyrics, or who is being dissed, is the fact that all of this was done without a human.

What is the future of music going to look like when it can all be generated in seconds, requiring no skill, practice, or sacrifice?

Some say AI can’t replace humans because it has no emotion…but emotions are nothing more than chemical reactions to external (or internal) stimuli. If you can feel emotions when a human singer says certain words, why would you not feel the same emotion when AI replicates those words?

In fact, many people got upset that a politician they liked or a celebrity they liked was made fun of in the video above. They felt anger. They felt emotion. From a completely AI generated song…

So much for the idea that AI can’t do emotions. 😉

So what will the future of music be when this technology is integrated inside of your DAW?

In the short term AI will be incredibly helpful and really cool in the creation of structures, ideas, and beats. But over time, AI will become the main way music is made, and the implications of this are not yet fully known.

But this site will continue using and researching AI, and bringing new innovations to you.

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