June 13, 2024

STL Tones Ignite Amp EMISSARY & NadIR – FREE Guitar Amp Plugin and IR Loader


Two free plugins from STL Tones

Ignite Amps EMISSARY is a guitar amp plugin.

NadIR is a dual Impulse Response loader.

EMISSARY is different from other guitar amp plugins that you have used.

This plugin is a model of the physical EMISSARY amp ONLY – meaning it does NOT contain any guitar cab models.

If you load up EMISSARY and notice that it sounds bad….uh…yeah, because you’re just hearing a guitar amp with no cab!

So, you’ll need to use an impulse response loader in order for things to sound correct.

And luckily, STL Tones has provided an IR loader for FREE too. Or, use any other impulse response loader you prefer.

EMISSARY has lots of controls.

Go from clean to high gain metal, adjust the low and high mids separately, and even switch tubes and adjust the bias. 

EMISSARY (front)

NadIR is a free impulse response loader, and it comes with 6 free guitar cabinet impulse responses.

You can also use your own impulses responses if you prefer.

NadIR also lets you load two impulse responses at the same time, like a dual cab setup. Mix and blend these to taste.

For those who don’t know, you would place your impulse response loader AFTER your guitar amp plugin in your DAW.

Pickup these two plugins for FREE here:


Both EMISSARY and NadIR are VST, AU, and AAX compatible.

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