July 24, 2024



Everybody needs a denoiser plugin! Whether you are recording a vocalist, a podcast, a YouTube video, SFX out in the field, and even instruments recorded in a noisy environment.

Noise Suppressors/Denoisers will remove that annoying background noise so the listener can hear your voice clearly, and not what was going on in your room (computer noise, air conditioner, outside noise, etc…)

You may listen to your track and think, “Hey, the background noise isn’t that bad”, and that may be true for a raw track. But how does it sound after you add compression and pump up the volume? Compression will make that background noise much more present in your signal, and if you are aiming for a professional voice sound, you’ll be using a compressor for sure.

Some people just use an Expander/Gate to remove noise, and that’s fine if your noise floor is low enough that you can’t hear the noise while speaking. But in many cases, especially after adding compression, you’ll be able to hear the noise while speaking. If you just use a Gate/Expander, you’ll quiet the spaces between sentences, but then the listener will be hit with a wall of noise when the Gate/Expander opens. It’s a very unpleasant listening experience.

The solution? Use a Denoiser before your Gate/Expander and Compressor ?

Denoiser type plugins are not offered for free very often, so pick this one up if you need it.


Bertom Audio is an independent developer, if you like the plugin it would be great to send a tip – but it is not required (just enter $0 at checkout).

Bertom Denoiser is VST, AU, AAX compatible.


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