Add Magic to Your Tracks Fast – ujam FINISHER VOODOO


Finisher Voodoo makes multi-effects easy.

Instead of spending several minutes chaining together several individual effects in order to add character, depth, or texture to your tracks, throw Finisher Voodoo on an insert, choose a preset, and turn a couple knobs to sweeten your tracks to perfection, FAST!

Finisher Voodoo includes over 30 effects expertly combined together for you, so you can focus on making music. It includes things like compression, saturation, eq, reverb, delay, beat cutter, glitch, chorus, distortion, flanger, frequency shifter, pan, phaser, multiband compression, limiter, rotary, and more.

While FINISHER VOODOO was conceived with guitars in mind, it works great on vocals, synths, pianos, and drums too.

Checkout the video to hear what it can do.

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You can learn more about it over at UJAM

Or pick it up at Plugin Boutique

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